Secretary Azar Comments on Data Showing Rising E-Cigarette Use Among Youth

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar
issued the following statement regarding the sharp uptick in e-cigarette use among youth reported in the 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey:

“America’s youth are facing a public health crisis that threatens an entire generation: skyrocketing use 
of nicotine products, brought on by access to flavored products in particular. Use of these products, including e-cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, and cigars, put our youth at risk for a lifetime of nicotine addiction.

E-cigarettes present an important, 
potentially life-saving opportunity to help currently addicted adult  smokers quit combustible cigarettes. But in trying to build this off-ramp from a deadly addiction, we cannot let e-cigarettes become an on-ramp for kids to enter a lifetime of nicotine addiction and tobacco use.

New data from the National Youth Tobacco survey show the number of teenagers using e-cigarettes almost doubling in just the last year. But we can use a targeted approach to tackle this challenge: The data also shows that kids 
notonly choose flavored products more often than adults do, but also that flavors are a major reason they use these products in the first place. Flavors increase the likelihood of kids progressing from experimentation to regular use, and a portion of them will go on to use combustible tobacco products, with the huge added dangers of tobacco-related disease.

FDA’s enforcement efforts and policy framework would restrict access 
to most flavored e-cigarettes and limit the chances of youth beginning to use these products, while ensuring the products are available to adult smokers as an alternative to combustible cigarettes.  Our obligation at HHS is always to the public health, and we believe FDA’s goals strike the right public health balance in addressing the multifaceted challenge we have before us today.”


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Overdose Lifeline coming to Newton County schools

March 31, 2017

The Coalition for a Drug Free Newton County and the Newton County school systems have coordinated an effort with Overdose Lifeline, Inc. to educate students about opioid and heroin use. The program called “ This is (Not) About Drugs”  was developed to help inform students regarding the risks of prescription pain medicine (opioids) and heroin use and provide alternatives to using drugs and alcohol with the issues, stresses, and pressures facing today’s youth. The lesson encourages students to make good choices and provides students with skills to combat peer pressure, gain support, and resources for making decisions about their own body and health. Overdose Lifeline will present to 9th grade students at North Newton HS on April 14 and to 9th and 10th grade students at South Newton HS on May 2. To learn more about Overdose Lifeline, Inc., visit their website at 

Newton County Drug Coalition presents Newton County Sheriff's Deputies with drug test kits

May 29, 2015 -

 During the Drug Coalition’s monthly meeting in May, Coordinator Gene Bell (far left) presented Deputies Melton (center left) and Holder (center right) new drug test kits; the kits are used for testing suspect material to determine if, and what kind, of narcotic it may be. Sheriff VanVleet explained, "Officers come in contact with suspect drugs on traffic stops, domestic calls, etc.  The test kits that the Coalition provided are vital in determining if there is a presumptive positive for a narcotic.  A positive result aids in establishing probable cause for an arrest, applying for a search warrant and the confiscation of the drug.  The drug is then sent to the Indiana State Police laboratory for a certified test result."

The Coalition works to reduce substance use and abuse across the lifespan of Newton County citizens.  Mr. Bell stated, “We want to help to provide a healthy, safe and drug free environments that nurture and assist all Newton County citizens to thrive.”

The Coalition also does an annual Red Ribbon Week T-shirt contest for elementary students in Newton County.  Bell said, “The T-shirt contest is a lot of fun for the kids and gets them involved in anti-drug and alcohol abuse efforts.  We are still working on raising funds to pay for the 1500 shirts that go out to county students.”  Anyone that would like to donate to the T-shirt project should contact Gene Bell at 219-863-8455 or mail donations to Coalition for a Drug Free Newton County, 1123 W 250 N, Morocco, IN 47963.

The Coalition would like to invite everyone to visit them at the Punkin’ Vine Fair in the commercial building where they will have a booth promoting a lifestyle without the use of illegal drugs, tobacco products or the abuse of alcohol.

(Pictured left to right- Coordinator Gene Bell, Diane Gonczy, Maxine Dyer, Deputy Melton, Danielle Sands, Deputy Holder, Christine Belt, McClellan Twp. Trustee Mary Jarvis, and Dianne Hopkins)

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