Coalition for A Drug Free
Newton County

Community Programs

Here you'll read about some of the things that are being done in the community with Drug-Free Community Funding.

Wellness Programs

Wellness and Parenting programs included:
i. Junior Master Gardner conducted May thru July had 10 children and 3 youth leaders.
ii. Story Time at the fair in July had 60 children participate on two different evenings.
iii. Walk/Run/Fitness; once each month of May, June July. Total participants 333. Of the total 34 participated each month.
iv. Eat Your way to Better Health conducted August/ September and October. 32 third graders met 6 times. Children harvested garden crops, prepared menus and discussed nutritional value of items harvested.

Extension Homemakers

Project Book bag provided 292 book bags with school supplies to parents and children in the elementary schools. All contained a healthy lifestyle message.

Project Care

Project Care had 401 individual contacts with 24 different students participate in the after school program. Project Care partnered with the Town of Mount Ayr which provided scholarships and awards for community involvement activities.

Crisis Center

The Crisis Center served adults and children. All were assisted with Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation. The Center was able to refer and transport thos interested to mental health facilities where they received therapy, medications, doctor’s care and support group services. The Center also made available in-house support groups. These support groups included resources and education that referred to additions, co-dependency, self-sufficiency as well as stress factors that can lead to the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.