Coalition for A Drug Free
Newton County

Mission Statement

The mission of the Coalition for a Drug Free Newton County is to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to educate about, prevent and reduce the incidents of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse in Newton County.

Our History

Newton County is located in Northwest Indiana and is bordered by Lake County to the north, Jasper County to the east, Benton County to the south and the State of Illinois to the west. As one of the least populated counties in Indiana, and considered rural, Newton County has an estimated population of 14,014. Newton County has little to no prevention and treatment facilities or hospitals in the county area. All though Newton County has a low population, it is located within the Chicago land area, and has two main highways running parallel through the county including interstate 65 and US Hwy 41.

The Coalition for a Drug Free Newton county is entering its twenty-fourth year. It is our mission to coordinate a comprehensive approach to substance abuse in the county. Since its formation, the Coalition has held monthly public meetings to address community issues and solicit community involvement in the areas of prevention/education, treatment/intervention and enforcement/judicial.

The Coalition serves as the recognized LCC for the Governor’s Commission for a Drug-Free Newton County. Our membership and presence in the community has expanded as a result of our being awarded a Strategic Prevention Frame-Work State Incentive grant for Cohort Two for one year.
The Coalition has remained very active yearly with the Red Ribbon campaign. Each year all participating school age children are invited to offer an advertised anti-drug / alcohol or tobacco message. That message is then promoted on shirts and provided to every student in the county.