Coalition for A Drug Free
Newton County

Drug Coalition Grants

Funding Sources

The Drug-Free Communities Fund, which is held by the Newton County Auditor, accepts monthly draws from court costs associated with drug and alcohol offenses in Newton County. This fund is used to provide Prevention/Education, Treatment/Intervention, and Criminal Justice Services through a grant process each year.

Funding may also come from other avenues. For example, in 2012, the McClellan Twp. Trustee donated $6000 toward drug and alcohol education and programming for 2013.

Grant applications are received in October. Requests are reviewed by the grant committee and recommendations submitted to the Coalition for final approval in January. After approval by the body, the update is presented to CJI subject to their approval, followed with a presentation to the County Commissioners for their approval. Expenditures can begin after all approvals have been completed.

2017 Grantees

This year's grantees include:

Step Ahead - Wellness Programs

Extension Homemakers

Crisis Center/Outreach

Newton County Corrections Substance and Alcohol abuse program

Newton County Sheriff's Dept.